The web defines marketing as, “an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, delivering and communicating value to customers” Marketing is utilized in order to maximize the return on investment by identifying different groups of customers who have similar needs and demand in the product. Factors including price, quality, location, income, occupation, nationality are all considered in determining the appropriate customers to target. Highlighting the value of your products and raising awareness among target customers is what 15 Seconds will deliver. To provide a full innovative line of services, 15 Seconds offers a holistic array of creative services available as part of our business growth and marketing consultancy services, or as an independent service.

Public Relations & Events:

Our exclusive public relations (PR) and events services are designed specifically to help clients accomplish the awareness and publicity necessary to achieve the optimum goal of increasing returns and growing the business. We provide a wide range of PR services including

PR & Strategic Planning
PR Strategic Planning

Events Management

Social Media Management

Content Creation

Translation Services

Search Engine Optemization

Design Services:

We offer extensive creative design services that spans across all media from print to digital. Our services include:


Creative Design

Web Design

Web Development


Digital Media

... we generate.