Business Development

Our business development services develop from firstly gaining a complete and thorough understanding of the most critical obstacles that our clients may encounter and proceeding to tailor the most effective solutions to counteract these obstacles.

We offer our business consulting services as a single, integrated package that incorporates all facets of business growth, from strategizing to marketing and execution, customizing our services according to our client’s individual requirements.

Business Development

The underlying goal of any business is to succeed by maximizing profits and expanding its customer portfolio. The team at 15 Seconds guides their clients along their professional journeys through careful planning and execution to achieve the success that they aspire to.

Our Process:

To produce optimum results, we cooperate and work closely with our clients to identify their strengths and weaknesses, competition, market value and the areas in which their business may need to improve on or develop. With our professional team of experts and their proficient experience within the business development market, we strive to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions to encourage the development and growth of their businesses.

Our Methods:

  • Account Development
    Evaluation of the client’s current portfolio and the design of suitable business strategies
  • Market penetration
    Assessment of the client’s position within the market and the design of a suitable development plan
  • New markets and opportunities
    To provide a wider view of the client’s expansion potential and designing a suitable approach into new and emerging markets
  • Territory growth
    Identifying the actions needed to motivate the business towards broadening and extending its expansion potentials
  • Marketing plans
    Evaluation of the client’s existing marketing plans and tailoring suitable and effective business solutions

Our Quality:

We provide our clients with the best professional, tried-and-tested business solutions in order to guarantee
successful and effective results. Quality is a crucial element that we take seriously and is demonstrated
unequivocally within every project we undertake.

We believe that our need for effective and immaculate results, along with the trustworthy relationships that
we hold with our clients, has contributed to our company being regarded as a successful and productive firm.

... we develop.